9 Best Stocks to Buy in 2020

9 Best Stocks to Buy in 2020 today’s world getting is easy.  But getting the right stock for investment is difficult buying the right stock.  The companies are coming up to earn double-digit growth in revenue in the year 2019.

Technology is not only a criterion to find the growing stock in 2020. Health sector companies are in the growth phase. In order to decide best growth stocks to Buy now while considering different types of industries and different types of stocks had a wide range of risks as well as rewards in portfolio profile.

CompanyFromCodeYTDYTD Revenue June 20Net IncomeDiluted EPSNet profit margin
Shopify IncNYSESHOPJun’20714.34M36M0.295.04%
Trade Desk IncNASDAQTTDMar’20160.66M24.06M0.514.97%
Facebook, IncNASDAQFBJun’2018.69B5.18B1.827.71%
Netflix IncNASDAQNFLXJun’206.15B720.2M1.5911.71%
Canopy Growth CorpNYSECGCMar’20107.91M456.88M1.31423.38%
Etsy IncNASDAQETSYMar’20228.06M12.52M0.15.49%
JD.Com IncNASDAQJDMar’20146.21B1.07B0.720.73%
Activision Blizzard, Inc.NASDAQATVIMar’201.79B505M0.6528.24%
Beyond Meat IncNASDAQBYNDMar’2097.07M1.82M0.031.87%

1. Shopify  Inc.

Shopify is in the E-commerce solutions industry. Shopify is slowly taking completely the retail business world. The pandemic will not stop it from capturing the same.

Shopping is completely transferring to online. Currently, more consumers will come towards online websites for shopping. The people will not be going out for shopping. They feel that purchasing online is simple and changing the mentality of people.

Previously very retail was storefront back in 2005, Now the situation is every retailer shop needs to have a digital storefront or a website.

The Shopify industry will move upwards and the business will grow up resulted best stocks to buy right now. So investing in such types of Stocks will give you results.

This company directs cost is not much as they build websites and supporting economic retailers a tool that helps them to transfer their business online.

2. The Trade Desk  Inc.  

They are Advertising leaders. They had given huge returns over in a few of the past years. At the start of the year in 2020, they had given big returns.

This stock is increased up 56% a year till date, even though there was a pandemic of coronavirus which was impacted consumer in spending on advertising.

The increase in stock tells us that the strength of this company in increasing the advertising market growth had made it Best growth stocks 2020. The importance of advertising cannot be overlooked as it is a part of every company’s sales.

Even though the advertising industries are down. But the programmatic type of advertising is less down due to their huge shares in the advertising budget.

They had huge share gains in Market which shows that data-driven type of advertising will always keep increasing their presence may impact to next part of few several years resulted this as a best Stocks to Invest in.

3 Facebook Inc.

Facebook is the world’s social media giant. The Ban of TIK TOK in many countries has increase demand.  Due to pandemic has reduced the Company revenue

Even though Facebook Inc. had shown an increasing trend. Revenue has gone up by 10.67 % in the Quarter. Saving in cost has an increase in the Net income of this company by 97.94% in the 1st Quarter. Net profit Margin in increase by 78.89% in the Quarter.

The company is in a growing trend. This is a good opportunity to invest and wait and watch for the growth of the investment makes it one of the top Stocks to Buy. This investment will give to return.

4. Netflix

Netflix, Inc. is one of the streaming video entertainment types of the service company. It provides a subscription-related service is one of the best performing stocks 2020.The product is streaming movies and episodes of television on the Internet.

Due to Coronavirus, the company revenue has gone up as the people have stopped going to Theatre. The digital platform will grow shortly. So once start this investment will give you a high rate of return.

Netflix had Revenue/Employee at 2,343,773 and Income per Employee 217,083. As they have a digital platform to sell at a low cost. So this is one of the Best Stocks to Buy today.


5.Canopy Growth Corp

Canopy always remains as best cannabis best stocks to buy. Basically when we compared it to most of the Canadian market other option.

One of the factors Canopy’s revenue got decline was due to the pandemic of COVID 19. They had close their stores in most of the days in March. This result was temporary and got a resume theirs from the previous quarter.  The Canopy hit was only temporary.

Firstly, In the Long-duration the demand for the market of Canadians keeps on improving. They had new emerging products like drinks, edibles, and vapes.

Secondly, Canopy’s profit margins are improving die to curbed production of expansion and die to other cost-cutting majors taken by the company.


6. Etsy Inc.

Etsy is an e-commerce website company that focused on vintage or craft supplies and handmade items.  These products are under a board set of classes containing clothing, bags, jewelry, home décor, toys, furniture, art as well as tools.

Started the year with slow revenue rates of growth and then reducing profit margins caused an area of e-commerce platform. In 2019 was very low. But in the year 2020, the performance is the exact opposite. Increase in revenue by 34.67% in this quarter. Net income has reduced in this quarter by 60.35%.


7. JD.Com Inc

JD.com is one of the technologies leading focused companies in e-commerce. It is to become a leading in supply chain management with the technology-based and service provider. The company has a retail structure that gets to empower consumers to purchase whatever they want any place they want it.

JD 12% stake is owned by Walmart that makes this company the retail giant in the US as a second-biggest corporate shareholder after Tencent. Revenue was up by 20.75% in this company even in the pandemic. It is one of the best stocks to invest in.


8. Activision Blizzard, Inc.

Many analysts expect that there will be growth in earnings in return to investment in 2020. Many households are in house due to pandemic COVID-19. But the video game company is doing well. However, whereas the S & P 500 continues to be down by 6% a year to date. All the video games remain up. Activision Blizzard on of the largest stock gained by 29% in the year 2020, Only small gaming mobile Zynga’s (NASDAQ: ZNGA) was growing runup by 56%.

Why to by this stock? the reason is Video games are one of the growing entertainments in current days. Sports always continues to increase in reputation around the world. Some of them guesses tell that yearly expenditure on interactive entertainment will increase from $150 billion to $250 billion by 2025.

9. Beyond Meat Inc

Beyond Meat is one of the superior valued stock which is growing. They had collaborated with the new geographical growth. Partnerships and dealing in new products has set to upcoming stock in the year 2020. Experts believe that this is a time Best Stocks to Buy in 2020 now to invest in this company.  It has a Growing Score recently had a price change. Earnings improvements indicate that this would be one of the good stocks for investors.

Revenue of Beyond Meat Inc is up by 38.4% and net income of increase by 76.83%. Growing trend shows that this is one of the top Stocks to Buy when you are planning for investment.


To decide on the best-performing stocks 2020 you need to analyze the company’s financial strength should be high enough. To keep stable even in the difficult situation of the pandemic.  Giant company investment is always profitable.  You also need to calculate Expected rate of return before investing. You can buy stock from the Best Stocks trading platforms which are available on the Internet. The above list is the Best Stocks to Buy in 2020 provided from the expert opinion.


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